Our latest list includes the newest and most noteworthy apps from every category. These apps do everything from notifying you when your friends are close-by to helping you track your expenses to reading the news out loud to you. Let us know which apps you plan on trying in the comments section.  [click to continue…]

We picked the most useful utilities apps that every iPhone and iPad should have. From an alarm clock that can be turned off with a wave of your hand to a tracking app that lets you stay in-the-know of where your family members are. Let us know what your favorite app is on our Facebook page! [click to continue…]

Weathermob Free for iPhone

December 3, 2011

Weathermob is an easy way to get forecasts and share your weather with friends and the world through videos, photos, words and icons. You take a video or a photo with your iPhone then choose icons to show how the weather’s making you feel and you can write a weather headline if you’d like. Share your Weathermob reports on Facebook and Twitter. View on iTunes


Mooncast for iPhone & iPad

November 29, 2011

Mooncast provides information of the current phase of the moon in gorgeous details. You can jump to the next full moon or any future date through 2025. You can also set up reminders for the day of the full moon with precise times. View on iTunes


Swackett converts complex weather data to easily-understood, visual weather reports. The app includes detailed weather information for the weather junkie (including AccuWeather “real feel” temperatures, humidity, dew point, wind direction and speed, weather timelines, animated satellite and radar imagery) but their forecasts are tailor-made for the person who needs essential weather info fast. View on iTunes


The Weather Channel app provides the most accurate weather information available. Some features include interactive maps with animated radar, severe weather alerts for a user’s location, and hourly and 10 day forecasts. This app also integrates with Facebook and Twitter to share weather updates with friends. View on iTunes