new and noteworthy apps 2This month’s list includes the newest and most noteworthy apps from several categories. From getting the latest news to photo editing to finding your dream rental, each of these apps can help make your mobile life easier.  [click to continue…]

new year 2012Happy 2012! Here is a list of the most popular resolutions (in no particular order) and our iPhone and iPad app picks to help you stay true to those goals. Make sure to tell us what your 2012 resolutions are on our Facebook page! [click to continue…]

magazinesThese apps are great for those who like to stay up-to-date with current news stories and magazine issues from around the world. Check these out and tell us about news or magazine apps that you would add to the list! [click to continue…]

Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you, from social networks to articles from your favorite publications. Fill Flipboard with blogs to publications like Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair, and use Instapaper or Read It Later to save articles to read later.  You’ll have a single place to enjoy, browse, comment on and share all the news, photos and updates that you want to read. View on iTunes


Taptu Free for iPhone & iPad

November 11, 2011

Taptu is a social news feed reader that lets you add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the content from your favorite web sites and blogs (via RSS feeds or Twitter) and shows them in visual streams. You can also share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email or save for later using Instapaper. View on iTunes


PolitiFact Mobile is produced by PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning website, and makes it easy to get the truth about American politics. It includes the new Truth Index as well as mobile versions of the site’s most popular features, the Truth-O-Meter, the Flip-O-Meter, the Obameter and the GOP Pledge-O-Meter. View on iTunes


Instacast for iPhone & iPad

October 19, 2011

Instacast lets you have all your podcast subscriptions in one place and get new episodes instantly. The Instacast Player is specifically optimized for playback of audio and video podcast and features 2x playback, bi-directional skipping and AirPlay. This app offers headphone, lock screen and task bar remote controls. Instacast also supports iCloud. View on iTunes


Stitcher Radio lets you listen to your favorite news, comedy, sports, talk and storytelling radio shows in one app. Choose from over 5,000 on demand podcasts and live local AM/FM stations. View on iTunes


SkyGrid is all your news in one place. Follow all the sources and topics you want, and effortlessly receive updates on the interests you care about. Read your favorite news, people, blogs, and topics in a customized Photo Grid. View on iTunes


CNN Free for iPad

September 27, 2011

CNN app for iPad lets you watch 24/7 video coverage of live events, video clips, and shows. You can share stories on Facebook and Twitter or by e-mail and you can save stories for offline viewing. View on iTunes


NYTimes Free for iPhone & iPad

September 27, 2011

With NYTimes, you can read The New York Times on the go, now with more content, featuring blogs, videos and slide shows.  The Top News section is free in the app and for full access you can subscribe for $14.99 per month to view on iPhone or $34.99 per month to view on iPhone and iPad devices. View on iTunes