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Here’s 20 new and noteworthy apps that do everything from enhancing your photos with stylish text to providing the latest NFL scores to making sure you move for 30 minutes daily. Check these out for yourself!

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Our latest list includes the newest and most noteworthy apps from every category. These apps do everything from notifying you when your friends are close-by to helping you track your expenses to reading the news out loud to you. Let us know which apps you plan on trying in the comments section.  [click to continue…]

Celebrity gossip is one of our favorite guilty pleasures so we put together the ultimate app list to keep you in-the-know of the latest celeb news and pop culture happenings. From watching the latest viral videos to the top 10 must-read books to getting late-breaking celeb updates, these apps cover it all. Let us know what your favorite apps are in the comment section. [click to continue…]

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a fun learning center for your kids with these educational apps. From creating storybooks to learning our solar system to identifying emotions, we’ve got the best learning apps to keep kids of all ages sharp. Let us know which apps your kids like in our comments section[click to continue…]

Everybody knows Pandora and Shazam so we’ve picked out some great alternatives and other music-related apps for the music lover in you. Our picks range from an app that controls the volume based on your speed and motion to one that lets you be the DJ. Check it out and let us know which ones you’re going to try on our Facebook page[click to continue…]

Ever fall asleep with your music or video playing? This tip will help you set your timer to turn off what you have playing.

Tip: On your iPod Timer, thumb where it says “When Timer Ends” select “Sleep iPod” instead of picking a sound and it will stop playing your music or videos when the timer expires. [click to continue…]

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AirCassette for iPhone

December 5, 2011

AirCassette makes your iPhone look like a cassette player. The song title is written on the cassette label and the tape spins realistically while the music plays. It also allows you to queue up the songs you want to hear next and share “cassettes” with friends on Facebook. View on iTunes


Ringtone Maker Pro+ makes a personal ringtone from any unprotected songs in your iTunes Library. The app includes a range slider which helps you choose the start and end of your ringtone and lets you record anything to your ringtone. View on iTunes


Tempo Magic lets you speed up or slow down the beats per minute of any song on your device that is an unprotected audio file and doesn’t mess up the pitch. Tempo Magic Pro also features Gapless Playback for so the beat never stops. The app is compatible with Nike+ and Bluetooth Audio. View on iTunes


GarageBand for iPhone & iPad

November 4, 2011

GarageBand turns your device into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio. Enjoy a full range of Smart Instruments that make you sound like a pro. You can also create a song by arranging and mixing your song with up to eight tracks using Touch Instruments, audio recordings, and loops. View on iTunes


TuneIn Radio Pro offers over 50,000 local and global stations and 120,000 shows for you to choose from plus the app lets you record what you’re listening to. Record, pause and rewind any station as you are listening and set timed recordings for your favorite shows. You can also shake your phone to hear new stations based on what you already like and share a station, show or song with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. View on iTunes


MTV Music Meter is a daily list of artists trending right now. Discover these artists and others like them through audio samples, photos, recent tweets, news articles, and bios. Or chart your own discovery path by searching through over 1 million artists. View on iTunes


Muzine for iPad

October 12, 2011

Muzine is a source of music news for all your favorite artists, bands, and live events. With content from thousands of media sources and a comprehensive database of over 2 million artists, Muzine gives you the power to edit your own Music Magazine. Search full artist profiles with news, bios, photos, videos, tour dates, and import artists right from your existing song library. View on iTunes


Learn Guitar for iPad

October 11, 2011

Learn Guitar takes you through a series of 27 video lessons including easy-to-understand diagrams. Jen, a guitar instructor who’s been playing since she was 13, will show you all the basic guitar essentials to get you on your way to becoming a guitar hero. Start to finish, the course runs about an hour long, but you should expect to spend three hours running through it at a slow, steady pace, adding in time for your own additional practice and review of difficult concepts. View on iTunes


With Tchaikovsky Competition 2011 you can watch webcasts in HD of the best young performers of the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition in 4 streams: Piano, Violin, Cello & Voice. Watch behind-the-scenes movies and interviews with world-renowned artists and jury members. Full archives available on-demand. View on iTunes


Slacker Radio gives users free acces to the entire Slacker music library featuring millions of songs from thousands of artists with no monthly listening limits. Listen to over 150 genre stations or create your own custom stations and get new music suggestions that are personally selected.

With a Slacker Radio Plus or Slacker Premium Radio subscription, users can store favorite stations on their device and listen without a Wi-Fi connection. View on iTunes


Pandora Free for iPhone & iPad

September 27, 2011

Pandora streams free personalized music on the iPhone or iPad. The app is fully integrated with the web version so users can log in and listen to all their existing stations or create new ones from their device. View on iTunes


Shazam Free for iPhone & iPad

September 27, 2011

Shazam identifies a song that is playing and allows users to buy tracks easily on iTunes, share music on Facebook and Twitter, see lyrics, and much more.

Shazam now offers unlimited tagging. View on iTunes