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Here’s 20 new and noteworthy apps that do everything from enhancing your photos with stylish text to providing the latest NFL scores to making sure you move for 30 minutes daily. Check these out for yourself!

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Our latest list includes the newest and most noteworthy apps from every category. These apps do everything from notifying you when your friends are close-by to helping you track your expenses to reading the news out loud to you. Let us know which apps you plan on trying in the comments section.  [click to continue…]

Hanukkah Countdown shows you the number of days, hours, and minutes remaining until the start of Hanukkah. Once Hanukkah starts, the app will show you which night of Hanukkah it is so you’ll always know how many candles to light. View on iTunes


Forkly Free for iPhone

December 8, 2011

Forkly lets you discover tasty items and good restaurants by following others’ tastes. You can also share photos of your food or drink and let others know where to find it and become a top influencer. View on iTunes


Unstuck Free for iPad

December 8, 2011

Unstuck is a new app that takes an in-the-moment approach to personal growth. Unstuck offers personalized digital tools and community to help you get from stuck to unstuck, no matter what the challenge may be. The app helps you figure out why you’re stuck, learn how to get unstuck, and shows you how to take action. View on iTunes


Wired App Guide for iPad

December 6, 2011

Wired App Guide provides 400 reviews of essential tools for every type of smartphone user, including Editor’s picks of the top 3 apps in every category. The app is produced by the editors of WIRED magazine in collaboration with Gizmodo. View on iTunes


MasterChef Academy US is designed to help you elevate your cooking skills with over 150 minutes of how-to videos, 100+ expert classes and 49 exclusive recipes. Contestants from the hit TV show MasterChef will guide you, step by step, from the basics right through to presenting exceptional plates of food. Test your knowledge by answering the 300 Pressure Test questions and unlock exclusive tips from 4-star chef Graham Elliot and others. View on iTunes


GoodGuide Free for iPhone

November 23, 2011

GoodGuide instantly reveals whether products are safe, healthy, green and socially responsible while you shop. The app lets you scan barcodes to quickly access GoodGuide’s science-based health, environment and social ratings for over 120,000 products. You can also choose the issues you care about like nutritional value, safe and healthy ingredients, animal welfare, human rights, climate change, energy efficiency, and more. View on iTunes


Healthy Recipes Free for iPad

November 23, 2011

Healthy Recipes lets you browse and search more than 300,000 recipes by course, cuisine, preparation time, and more. Healthy Recipes also provides calories, carbs, and 10 other key nutrients for each recipe. View on iTunes


Pushpins Free for iPhone

November 22, 2011

Pushpins is a grocery app that combines your shopping list, digital coupons, and nutrition facts of thousands of items. You can search or scan over 200,000 grocery products by brand, name, or UPC to add them to your list. The app tells you the digital coupons related to the items on your list. View on iTunes


Love Food Hate Waste offers over 350 delicious meal ideas. The app includes a portion size planner which helps you prepare the right amount and avoid cooking too much. The app also has a “recipe blender” feature which generates more recipes for your leftover ingredients. View on iTunes


Milo shows you what stores have in stock with real-time inventory of over 50,000 stores. The shows you where the stores are located and local price comparisons. The app includes RedLaser barcode-scanning technology for more local price comparisons. View on iTunes


How to Cook Everything provides easy-to-use and flexible search capabilities, as well as the ability to browse recipes and reference information. The app includes built-in timers, placed throughout the recipe steps, which run even when the app is not. And well-organized shopping lists that make it easy to buy ingredients. View on iTunes


Hello Vino gives you wine recommendations for meals, occasions, holidays, and by taste preference. The app also provides wine brand recommendations with tasting notes, ratings and label photos. View on iTunes


Black Friday is powered by and The app will help you research, plan and execute the best Black Friday shopping. View pre-release Black Friday Ads for major stores as well as handpicked Black Friday Deals. You can also map out the stores and products you want to hit. View on iTunes


Chow offers 9 easy and delicious traditional Thanksgiving recipes. The app offers clear, follow-along instructions and you choose which dishes you want to make. The gives you a step-by-step timeline that guides you through the entire Thanksgiving day. View on iTunes


Vintage Thanksgiving Cards offers a collection of over 100 classic vintage greeting cards for the Thanksgiving holiday season. You can then set any of the card images as wallpaper or e-mail them to as many friends and family as you choose. View on iTunes helps you decide whether to wait or buy now by showing you the best online or local prices for electronics and predicts whether prices will go up or down in the near future and whether a newer product will be released soon. You can check prices by scanning a product barcode or QR code while in-store, or search by model number. You can also check product ratings and reviews from other shoppers. View on iTunes


iFeast provides pre-programmed and fully customizable minute-by-minute prep and cook timings and instructions for preparing the perfect Thanksgiving Feast. The app provides notifications to alert you when each task begins and ends. The app also lets you select the date and time you plan to eat so iFeast can alter all times accordingly. View on iTunes


Starbucks Cup Magic lets you find and scan all 5 Starbucks Holiday Characters on Red Cups, Christmas Blend bags, in-store and more. Watch the characters come to life through augmented reality on your mobile device. The app will also keep you up-to-date on the latest holiday offers and events from Starbucks. View on iTunes