Do you find yourself typing out your entire email address as you log in to different sites or fill out forms? Well, we’ve got a super handy shortcut that will save you the time and trouble of typing your whole email address. [click to continue…]

Have you ever wanted to send more than one photo to someone in an email? Well we’ve got a handy tip to show you how to easily attach multiple photos to your email message. [click to continue…]

Ever fall asleep with your music or video playing? This tip will help you set your timer to turn off what you have playing.

Tip: On your iPod Timer, thumb where it says “When Timer Ends” select “Sleep iPod” instead of picking a sound and it will stop playing your music or videos when the timer expires. [click to continue…]

TIP: How to Gift An App

December 6, 2011

You can gift an app by purchasing the app using your iTunes account, stuff then send the recipient a promo code for the app. The recipient can then download the app without paying for it themselves. The process can be done in iTunes or through the App Store mobile app. [click to continue…]