10 Apps To Throw A Great Party for iPhone & iPad

December 22, 2011

champagne partyHere are some apps that will come in handy for throwing a great party from the planning stage to making sure your guests get home safely and recover from the morning after!


iParty - for iPhone & iPad

When your ready to plan your party, iParty helps you stay organized and keep track of all of your supplies, invitations, guest list, and food lists. The app also helps you maintain a budget for all party expenses. View on iTunes


POST - for iPad

Once you have all the planning done, it’s time to send out invitations. POST lets you send custom invitations and provides over 50 designs to choose from. The app also includes a personalized notepad with your name or initials for quick messages to friends. View on iTunes


How to Cook Everything - for iPhone & iPad

If your plan involves cooking for your guests, make sure to get delicious recipes from the How to Cook Everything app. You’ll get 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations from the best-selling book by New York Times columnist Mark Bittman. The app includes enhanced search filters and the ability to browse recipes and reference information. You also get email-friendly shopping lists for buying ingredients. View on iTunes


Allergy Free Entertaining - for iPhone & iPad

And don’t forget about your guests with allergies, the Allergy Free Entertaining app provides over 124 recipes for all occasions and for several allergies. The app’s search function lets you select exactly the allergy free options you need, including an alternative ingredients list that will let you know the exact ingredient to alter the recipe for multiple allergies. View on iTunes


Martha Stewart Cocktails - for iPad

Every great party needs great cocktails so check out Martha Stewart Cocktails to get 60 cocktail recipes and their accompanying snacks. The app includes how-to videos and photos, as well as histories, tips, and a unit converter. View on iTunes


Conversation Cards - for iPhone & iPad

If you notice your guests aren’t mingling, you can help the party along with Conversation Cards. This app provides random, open ended questions to help break the ice at parties and gatherings. The app comes with 100 fun and thought provoking questions and you can share your favorite questions on Facebook, or via text and email. View on iTunes


Dubset DJ Defined Radio - for iPhone

Fun music is vital to a great party, so check out Dubset to hear internet radio curated by the world’s top DJs. You’ll discover new music that has been recorded live at premier clubs and exclusive events. The app lets you find and follow new DJs as well as create your own custom channel with your favorite mixes. View on iTunes


Last Call - for iPhone

As the night goes on, you may have some guests that had a bit too much to drink and Last Call lets you check. This app will calculate your blood-alcohol level to determine if it’s safe to drive. You can also use the app to call a cab and it even provides a list of local DUI lawyers. View on iTunes


Taxi Magic - for iPhone

If you know that your guest should not be driving, you can book a cab online with Taxi Magic. This app is an online taxi booking service that is directly integrated into taxi dispatch systems so you don’t have to make a phone call. You can find taxis based on your location and track the arrival through dispatch updates and a map view. You can also charge it to your credit card and get an e-receipt. View on iTunes


Hangover Cures - for iPhone

To help with the morning after, make sure you check out Hangover Cures. This app provides over 40 new, different and crazy hangover cures. You also get cures from all over the world and learn how our ancestors handled their hangovers. View on iTunes


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