Tap-Translate for iPhone & iPad

November 30, 2011

Tap-Translate will instantly translate the words while using Apple’s Safari browser. Read web pages as you always do, enable translation and click any word to see its translation. You can translate phrases, paragraphs and the entire page. You can also hear the translated word pronounced. The app supports several languages. View on iTunes

  • Anonymous

    I saw your app description,WOW its almost the same as what i have ,I’m a student and let me share to
    you what I have right now. I have this app on my iPhone called speechtrans
    that let me communicate with people with different languages.this is the
    website speechtrans.com this app help me to my language class.and also
    eliminate language barrier. i hope this will help student like me because its
    a great help for esl student, for me its consider a educational tool . and
    thank you so much for posting this app  its a big news , because allot of
    people is experiencing language barrier in the web this is a great help 

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