TIP: Make a Text-Based Shortcut for Your Email Address

November 14, 2012

Do you find yourself typing out your entire email address as you log in to different sites or fill out forms? Well, we’ve got a super handy shortcut that will save you the time and trouble of typing your whole email address.

Follow the instructions and screen shots below to make a text-based shortcut for your email address:

#1 – Go to Settings and click on General

#2 - Scroll down and click on Keyboard

#3 – Make sure Shortcut is turned on, then scroll down and click on Add New Shortcut

#4 – Enter your full email address in the Phrase area. Then in Shortcut, enter text that you will remember but that you don’t type often. For example, “eml” or “[email protected]” (the first letter of your email and the at symbol).

#5 – Whenever you need to enter your email address, just use the shortcut you designated and your time will be saved!

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