18 Scary and Fun Halloween Apps for iPhone & iPad

October 11, 2012

Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve picked out the scariest, funniest and most interesting Halloween apps for you. From helping you decide on a costume to pulling scary pranks on friends to finding the best haunts, we’ve got you covered this Halloween!

Digital Dudz - for iPhone & iPad

  • Attach your mobile device to a special Digital Dudz T-shirt
  • A strategically placed hole cut out the front lets you make an awesome Halloween costume
  • All designs are 100% original
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iMut8r - for iPhone

  • Use this photo transformation tool to morph any photo into a frightening creature with HD clarity
  • 8 character sets to choose from
  • Switch between character sets and cross-morph your characters into hybrid creations
  • Share your Mut8shuns on Facebook
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Halloween Alarm Clock - for iPhone & iPad

  • Alarm clock wakes you up with Halloween sounds
  • 20 different sounds including vampires, monsters, witches, zombies and more
  • Custom snooze settings for each alarm
  • Choose what days each alarm repeats on
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Free Halloween Sounds Pro - for iPhone

  • Pick from 15 different sounds to pull pranks on your friends
  • Hide your smartphone and when the timer hits zero, the sound plays
  • Sounds include a crying cat, creaky door, witch’s laugh, bloody shriek and more
  • Includes a spooky soundtrack perfect for a Halloween party or handing out treats
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HauntFinder - for iPhone

  • Find the best haunts within 200 miles near your location
  • Includes driving directions and web links for more details
  • Database is continuously updated from the HauntedHouse.com
  • Listed haunts vary from eccentric to extremely scary
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ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier - for iPhone

  • Turn any 2D photo into a 3D animated zombie
  • Zombie photos come alive with blinking, scowling, growling and more
  • 50 zombie variations
  • Record and post videos of your zombies on YouTube and Facebook
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Scary Prank - for iPhone

  • Scare your friends and watch them jump
  • This app appears to be a game and then suddenly a ghost unexpectedly jumps out with a loud scream
  • Turn the volume up and run the game before giving it to a friend
  • Be careful, people may drop your device!
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HORROR PRANK - for iPhone

  • Create your own prank and record your victim’s reaction
  • Trick your friends into thinking they’re shooting a video or playing a game
  • A hidden timer will count down and a frightening monster will appear with a scary sound to freak out your friends
  • Choose from 5 scary characters with 5 custom scary sounds or create your own
  • Video recording and custom prank are a $0.99 in-app purchase
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Halloween Costumes Fashion Fun - Kids - for iPhone & iPad

  • Get Halloween costume ideas for your kids
  • Purchase costumes through the app
  • Email costume ideas to friends and save photos
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CostumeDecider - for iPhone & iPad

  • Spin the wheels for 625 original Halloween costume ideas
  • Send a photo of your costume from the app to see it posted on the company blog
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Carve-a-Pumpkin from Parents magazine - for iPhone & iPad

  • Carve a digital pumpkin and choose from 5 different styles
  • The safest and easiest way to carve a pumpkin
  • Choose from a library of wacky eyes, noses, and mouths
  • Share your creation with family and friends
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SpookyPic - for iPhone

  • Add Halloween flair to your photos
  • Choose from a variety of filters and effects
  • Create over 120 types of fearsome appearance
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter
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True Ghost Stories From Around the World - for iPhone

  • True ghost stories and photos from all over the world
  • New ghost stories are added daily
  • Vote for your favorite stories and comment on each one
  • Share photos of ghosts
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Eyegore's Eye Blast - for iPhone

  • A creepy, challenging puzzle game for Halloween
  • Eyegore needs your help to sort his eyeball collection so he can get back to his evil plans
  • 3 difficulty settings and 30 puzzle stages
  • Dozens of achievements to unlock
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All-In-1 ZombieBox - for iPhone

  • Get 10 full zombie game apps for the price of 1
  • Includes Zombie Invasion, DEFCON Z, Zombie Pizza, Apocalypse Zombie Fish and more
  • Games range from gruesome to goofy
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Office Zombie - for iPhone

  • From the creators of Office Jerk comes Office Zombie
  • A casually funny zombie apocalypse meets the 9 to 5 office grind
  • Choose from 15 objects to throw at zombies
  • Daily challenges and daily rewards
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Elevator Zombies - for iPhone

  • A zombie shooting game
  • You’re trapped in a room with stairs and elevators with zombies intent on eating your brains
  • 25 unique environments and over 10 weapons to choose from
  • 6 terrifying enemy types and 6 distinct play modes
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ZombieSmash - for iPhone

  • A zombie-themed castle defense game
  • Defend your house by grabbing and flicking all the various zombies
  • Ragdoll physics engine coupled with the blood splatter engine for the best-looking zombie smashing
  • 4 game modes with multiplayer battle mode
  • Game Center integration
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Image credit: Erwss, peace&love

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