10 Cool Video Camera Apps for iPhone & iPad

September 1, 2012

No need for a bulky video camera when you’ve got your handy dandy iPhone! Make awesome videos with any of these handpicked apps. From shooting vintage-looking video to creating movie trailers to recording a few seconds before you actually hit the start button, you’ll have tons of fun creating endless videos. Let us know which apps you like best in the comments section.

8mm Vintage Camera - for iPhone

  • Shoot vintage 8mm movies in real time
  • Mix and match films and lenses to create up to 56 timeless retro looks
  • Add projector sound for extra authenticity
  • Mute the video to make a silent movie
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Video+ realtime fx effects filters video camera recording app - for iPhone

  • Lets you quickly and easily apply effects/filters as you record video
  • Record videos with live previews of over 25 video effects
  • Brightness, saturation, contrast adjustment
  • Flash, back camera support
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SloPro - 60fps Slow Motion Video - for iPhone & iPad

  • Shoot video at a high speed then play it back in slow motion and super slow motion
  • Shoot, edit and share videos in slow motion without transferring files
  • 3 slow effects including optical flow, frame blending and ghosting
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Vintagio - for iPhone

  • Create vintage movies and music clips in HD quality
  • Change effects, soundtracks, video speed, transitions, titles and more
  • Slow your videos to half of the original speed or make them 1.15x to 5x faster
  • 7 authentic filters, 11 original soundtracks of different styles
  • Upload music from your library and add vintage scratches to soundtracks
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mogo video - for iPhone

  • Mogo Video helps you capture the best memories from moments ago
  • Tap the mogo button and video is recorded starting a few seconds ago
  • Newly added video picker to review recent videos
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FiLMiC Pro - for iPhone

  • Turn your iPhone into a powerful and full featured HD video camera
  • 3 separate focus and exposure systems
  • Variable frame rates from 1 to 30 fps
  • Front facing camera support
  • Instantly share your HD movie on Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, FTP Server, Tumblr
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Video Camera+ - for iPhone & iPad

  • Video app that lets you set the recording size, set a recording timer and get the video camera started faster
  • Use the flash to add continuous light to your videos
  • Videos are automatically tagged with their location (pending your initial approval)
  • You can choose to automatically start recording on launch
  • Video stabilization (iPhone 4S only)
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Vimeo - for iPhone & iPad

  • Official Vimeo app that lets you upload, edit, manage and watch your videos
  • Discover great videos based on your interests
  • Capture video with focus control and grid alignment
  • Combine, edit and trim your videos
  • Add music and sound recordings
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iMovie - for iPhone & iPad

  • Create movie trailers and home movies in minutes
  • Add photos from your library or take a picture and drop it into your project
  • Choose from soundtracks that match iMovie themes or add from your music library
  • Record audio directly to add narration or custom sound effects
  • Publish your HD movie directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and CNN iReport
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Socialcam Video Camera - for iPhone

  • Socialcam lets you capture, share and view videos on your iPhone
  • You can add vintage video filters, custom titles and soundtracks
  • Unlimited video length and storage in the cloud so you can watch on any of your devices
  • Fast upload in the background
  • Instant notifications when friends upload videos
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Image credit: gazzaPax

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