18 Fun Educational Apps for Kids for iPhone & iPad

July 1, 2012

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a fun learning center for your kids with these educational apps. From creating storybooks to learning our solar system to identifying emotions, we’ve got the best learning apps to keep kids of all ages sharp. Let us know which apps your kids like in our comments section

Animals - for iPhone & iPad

  • 4 activities that offer play and learning options for babies and toddlers
  • Color, match, spelling and scratch & fill games
  • For 18-month-olds to age 5
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iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs - for iPhone

  • Learn to draw 19 dinosaurs step by step with voice instruction
  • Learn dinosaur names and body parts
  • Customize drawings with coloring, editing, decorating and sharing toolset
  • Blank pages to draw freehand
  • For age 5 and up
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loopy! - for iPhone & iPad

  • An introduction to basic math concepts
  • Solve 3 levels of age-appropriate numerical, addition and subtraction problems
  • Children teach themselves and learn by experimenting and exploring
  • For ages 3-7
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Rainbow Sentences - for iPad

  • Helps students improve their ability to construct grammatically correct sentences
  • Uses color coded visual cues to help kids recognize nouns, verbs, and prepositions
  • Students can record their own sentences in their voice
  • For ages 3-10
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Fun Science Lab - for iPad

  • Interactive experiments and games to teach kids basic principles of science
  • 9 different experiments with 3 levels each
  • Completed levels are rewarded with a medal
  • For ages 5-12
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ABA Flash Cards & Games - Emotions - for iPhone & iPad

  • Helps kids to recognize and understand over 20 different emotions
  • Uses flash cards and interactive games
  • Delete specific cards or add your own flash cards with your pictures and record your voice
  • For ages 1-4
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Tykoon - for iPhone

  • Helps teach kids about money management skills and financial values
  • Kids can earn, save, donate and spend on kid-safe products on Amazon.com
  • Over 25 parental controls and privacy settings
  • Kids can set their own goals to purchase items
  • For ages 8-12
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ABC Food - for iPhone & iPad

  • Exposes kids to new foods and food words
  • Over 70 interactive scenes with foods
  • Over 100 videos that lets kids see and hear the food in use
  • Recommended for all ages
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SUPER WHY! - for iPhone

  • Kids play 4 different mini games based around reading, spelling, rhyming and letters
  • Features characters from the Super WHY! TV series
  • The app replicates the look, feel and educational content of the TV show
  • For ages 2-8
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BrainPOP Featured Movie - for iPhone & iPad

  • Features one free daily animated movie on a diverse range of topics including English, science, arts and music
  • For $6.99 per month, “full access” subscribers get over 750 movies and quizzes
  • For $1.99 per month, “explorer” subscribers get the free featured movie and 4 related movies and quizzes
  • BrainPop is a trusted source of educational content
  • For ages 9 and up
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bookabi - for iPad

  • Kids can create their own storybook
  • Offers a selection of 2D and 3D characters, backgrounds, stickers and objects
  • No drawing skills needed to bring imaginations to life
  • Use your own photos as elements of the story or backgrounds
  • Recommended for all ages
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Dr. Panda’s Hospital - for iPhone & iPad

  • Kids learn basic medical procedures and anatomy while helping animals get better
  • 10 interactive mini games
  • Allows kids to treat stomachs, connect broken bones, measure blood pressure, and more
  • For ages 2-6
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8 Planets - for iPhone

  • Teaches kids about the planets in our solar system
  • 4 interactive arcade style games involving planet names, spelling, matching and the black hole
  • For ages 4-7
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Toontastic - for iPad

  • Empowers kids to draw, animate and share their own cartoons
  • Kids can build a story one scene at a time by Setup, Conflict, Challenge, Climax, and Resolution
  • Introduces key storytelling principles like characters, setting, story arc and emotion
  • For ages 4-10
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Solids Elementary HD - for iPhone & iPad

  • Teaches fundamentals of solids by rotating and unfolding the solids
  • Images are in 3D to give the look of real-world solids
  • Interactive features to learn all main geometric solid – prisms, solids of revolution and pyramids
  • For ages 7-11
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Grandma's Garden - for iPhone & iPad

  • Granny and her silly veggies teach kids numbers, letters and colors
  • 5 mini games involving shapes, colors, letters, counting and memory
  • Kids will hear positive words and get funny granny gifts
  • For ages 1-5
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Montessori Crosswords - for iPhone & iPad

  • Learning tools for kids to practice phonetics and literacy
  • Kids drag and drop letters into a crosswords grid from words that correspond to the given pictures
  • Young kids can practice linking phonetic sounds to letters
  • Older kids can expand their vocabularies in the higher difficulty levels
  • For ages 3-10
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Rocket Math - for iPhone & iPad

  • An educational arithmetic and basic math game
  • Provides a variety of material to learn and creative elements to play with
  • Kids do 4 types of math problems to earn money to build rockets
  • Kids are rewarded with medals
  • Recommended for all ages
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