15 Top Political Apps for iPhone & iPad

June 5, 2012

The 2012 election season is here and we’ve picked out the best apps to help you stay informed with the latest political news. From NPR to Conservative Talk Radio to The Rachel Maddow Show, our apps span the political spectrum. Check out our list and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

NYTimes Election 2012 - for iPhone

  • Comprehensive collection of campaign data, candidate info and state-by-state updates
  • Free access to the top 6 stories
  • New York Times subscribers get full access for $14.99 per month
  • Subscribers also get Op-Eds, blog posts from Opinion Pages and videos and slide shows
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WP Politics - for iPad

  • Get the latest political news presented in a visual format
  • Interactive tools and maps to separate reality from rhetoric
  • Historical map showing every presidential election result in every state since 1789
  • Subscribers get access to special blog content and other premium features for $2.99 per month
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POLITICO - for iPhone

  • Provides the most in-depth coverage all things political
  • Article videos and images are viewable in full screen mode
  • Resize article text and save your settings for future reading
  • Non-video articles can be cached for offline reading
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NPR - for iPad

  • Experience NPR in magazine style with News, Arts & Life and Music content
  • Read stories while listening to live stations or on demand audio
  • Stream hundreds of NPR stories and music stations
  • Share articles via email, Twitter and Facebook
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Real Clear Politics - for iPad

  • America’s premier independent political web site
  • Get access to commentary, news, polling data and resource links from all points of the political spectrum
  • Text resizing for all articles
  • Share articles via email, Facebook and Twitter
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Rachel Maddow - for iPhone

  • The official Rachel Maddow Show app
  • In-depth analysis and stories that no other news shows will cover
  • Watch the latest video of her show or listen to the audio podcast
  • Check out the show’s Guest List and follow Rachel on Twitter
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FOX News - for iPhone

  • See the most recent articles, video clips and slideshows from FOX News
  • Watch live coverage of major news events
  • Listen to FOX News Radio anytime
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Conservative Talk Radio - for iPhone & iPad

  • Tune in to all your favorite conservative news radio shows
  • Instant streaming access to listen to live shows
  • Access individual radio shows and top news radio stations
  • Includes Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham and more
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Proud Republican - for iPhone & iPad

  • Get the latest conservative news, forums, photos and talk radio
  • Provides a complete Congress profile with detailed local rep info
  • Includes history and facts about the GOP
  • Republican wallpaper images available
  • Conservative quote and fact of the day
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Politifact Mobile - for iPhone & iPad

  • Get the truth about American politics with Pulitzer Prize winning fact checking
  • Updates on campaign promises made by President Obama and Republican leaders
  • Includes features like the Truth Index, Flip-O-Meter Tally and the Truth-O-Meter Tally
  • Share Truth-O-Meter findings with friends via email
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The White House - for iPhone

  • The Official White House app
  • Get up-to-date info directly from the Obama Administration
  • Get featured videos, photos and live streaming of White House events
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Congress - for iPhone

  • Get the latest information and photos of the 112th Congress
  • Learn about who represents you in Congress
  • Follow incumbents’ campaigns and their challengers
  • Read your representative’s social media pages and YouTube videos
  • Share any link via email, Facebook and Twitter
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For Some Political Fun

ObamaAndMe - for iPhone

  • Take a picture with President Obama anywhere
  • Pinch and zoom to make him small or large
  • Upload your pic to www.ObamaAndMe.com and vote for your favorite
  • Also take photos with Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin and George W. Bush
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White House Escape - for iPhone

  • An adventure game featuring the White House
  • Premise: you’re taking a tour when you suddenly black out and find your are on your own and must find an escape
  • You will be taken through 4 levels of the White House as you work through challenges
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Comedy Central's Indecision Election Companion - for iPhone & iPad

  • Comedy Central’s app to keep you in the know of the highs and lows of the 2012 election
  • No video content, however, the app includes many great photos
  • Comedy Central’s Indecision blog with 10 posts a day
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter and email
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