16 Music Apps That Are Not Pandora or Shazam for iPhone & iPad

April 22, 2012

Everybody knows Pandora and Shazam so we’ve picked out some great alternatives and other music-related apps for the music lover in you. Our picks range from an app that controls the volume based on your speed and motion to one that lets you be the DJ. Check it out and let us know which ones you’re going to try on our Facebook page

Jango Radio Mobile - for iPhone

  • Free personalized streaming radio
  • See who’s listening to the same music as you
  • Create custom stations with your favorite artists and hear similar artists
  • Rate songs that you want to hear more or less
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Slacker Radio - for iPhone & iPad

  • Free streaming radio with over 150 programmed stations
  • Listen to millions of songs from thousands of artists
  • Create your own custom stations
  • Paid subscription lets you listen without internet or Wi-Fi connection
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8tracks Radio - for iPhone

  • Listen to user-curated mixes in any genre or mood
  • Follow your favorite DJs
  • Search for mixes with your favorite artists
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NPR Music - for iPhone & iPad

  • Live music streaming from over 100 public radio stations
  • Multi-genre music content
  • Listen to interviews while reading music news and reviews
  • NPR signature programs and popular series
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Ministry of Sound Radio - for iPhone & iPad

  • Live stream dance music from the Ministry of Sound
  • Hear guest mixes from international DJs
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Songza - for iPhone

  • Stream thousands of original playlists curated by music experts
  • Browse playlists by activity, genre, decade or mood.
  • Save your favorite playlists and share on Facebook, Twitter, or email
  • No audio advertisements and no monthly listening limit
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SKY.FM Internet Radio - for iPhone

  • 35 radio channels programmed with the best of each genre
  • Save your favorite channels
  • Set higher or lower stream bit rate preference for cellular or Wi-Fi
  • Optional buffer bar with data usage display
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Dubset - for iPhone

  • Streaming radio curated by the world’s top DJs
  • Create custom channels with your favorite mixes
  • Find and follow DJs
  • Hear music recorded live at premier clubs and exclusive events
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Turntable.fm - for iPhone

  • Play music together with your friends and others online in virtual rooms
  • Each DJ takes a turn playing a song and you can vote on the songs you like or dislike
  • Songs with the most dislike votes get skipped
  • Chat with others in your virtual room
  • Fan your favorite DJs to find them again
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TuneWiki - for iPhone

  • A music player with synced lyrics and translation into 40+ languages
  • Free, unlimited SongID with synced lyrics
  • Discover songs that are played and recommended by your friends
  • Explore real-time top charts from around the world
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SongFreaks Lyrics Music Player - for iPhone

  • Listen to music in your iPod library and see the lyrics
  • Lyric lines are highlighted in time with the music
  • Search for lyrics for songs you don’t have
  • Browse albums and top charts and find info on your favorite artists
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My DJ - for iPhone

  • Creates a continuous stream of your own music
  • Shuffles through your music library and smoothly crossfades between each song
  • Option to continue listening to the full song if you choose
  • Choose which songs or playlists to play
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LouderLogic - for iPhone & iPad

  • Minimizes volume fluctuations between songs while maximizing musical details
  • Works with your music library
  • Create Play Queues and save alongside your iTunes Playlists
  • 2 volume enhancement modes for music and audiobooks/podcasts
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Adaptunes - for iPhone

  • Automatic speed and motion-based volume control
  • Works with music or podcasts from your library
  • Built-in profiles for activities like driving, biking and exercising
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JamBase - for iPhone

  • Find local concerts for your favorite artists
  • Import artists from your device to find out about upcoming shows
  • Find out who’s playing in your area
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Nomis - for iPhone

  • Know when your favorite artist is releasing an album
  • Automatically compiles your artist list based on your music library
  • Preview songs and buy from the iTunes Store
  • Block and add artists manually
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Bonus Apps

TuneIn Radio Pro - for iPhone & iPad

  • Over 50,000 stations for music, sports, news or current events
  • Record, pause and rewind any station you are listening to
  • Set timed recordings for your favorite shows
  • Wake up using the alarm clock and fall asleep using the sleep timer
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Audium - for iPhone

  • Appreciate your music albums in their entirety with a gesture driven music player
  • No track lists or custom playlists
  • Find your music and control playback by simply swiping or tapping
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