18 Great Utilities Apps for iPhone & iPad

April 7, 2012

We picked the most useful utilities apps that every iPhone and iPad should have. From an alarm clock that can be turned off with a wave of your hand to a tracking app that lets you stay in-the-know of where your family members are. Let us know what your favorite app is on our Facebook page!

Skyfire Web Browser - for iPhone

  • Optimized browser for flash video viewing
  • Over 200,000 sites supported
  • Related video content suggestions based on your browsing
  • Flash games and flash apps are not supported
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Data Usage - for iPhone & iPad

  • Real-time monitor of cellular and wi-fi data usage
  • Receive alerts when you exceed specified data quota limits
  • Set quota limits by month, week, or day
  • Works with any carrier and carrier login is unnecessary
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Battery Master Pro - for iPhone

  • Know the remaining hours and minutes for various activities on your iPhone
  • See current battery level
  • Alerts  you when battery is fully charged
  • Adjust battery capacity for most accurate remaining time display
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Clock' - for iPad

  • Get current weather forecast with matching background images from Flickr
  • Easy-to-set alarm clock with several sounds to choose or choose a song from your library
  • Automatically share your mood and alarm music on Facebook & Twitter when you stop the alarm
  • Set repeat alarms on specific days
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Wave Alarm - for iPhone

  • Turn off your alarm by waving your hand over your iPhone
  • Requires front facing camera
  • Real-time weather data included
  • 10 alarm sounds to choose from or choose a song from your library
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PhoneTap - for iPhone

  • Record your outgoing phone calls to any US number
  • Share recordings via email
  • 20 minutes of recording time; additional airtime available for in-app purchase
  • App notifies both parties of the recording at the start of each call
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iProjector - for iPad

  • Flashlight for your iPad
  • Project colors and symbols
  • Adjustable brightness
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LED Flashlight The Real Flashlight - for iPhone

  • Flashlight using the LED flash
  • Optimized for reduced battery usage
  • Configurable autostart on launch of app
  • The maximum brightest light
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1Password - for iPhone

  • Securely stores your passwords and login information
  • Automatically login to websites with a single tap
  • Save important credit card info and membership numbers
  • AES encryption and auto-lock keeps data safe
  • 2-layer defense with unlock code and master password
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Stash - for iPhone & iPad

  • Secure thousands of your private photos, videos and documents
  • Built-in private web browser and download manager
  • Create hidden accounts that can be revealed with a secret gesture
  • Import & export media with Dropbox
  • Transfer wirelessly via Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers
  • Button to instantly hide what you’re doing
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SmartTime - for iPhone

  • Organizer that integrates tasks and appointments
  • Tasks and appointments can be integrated with your Contact List, Calendar and Google Maps
  • Call or SMS directly from a task
  • View what you need to do and what you have already done
  • List style view of your agenda with a floating day line to show what you can fit into your day
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Organizer - for iPhone

  • Organizer that lets you manage your schedule, to-do list, or notes
  • Create diagrams, use emoji, insert pics or maps
  • Record and play voice memos
  • Enter handwritten notes and freehand drawings
  • Optional passcode protection
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ShareCal - for iPhone

  • Share your calendar events by bumping phones or email
  • Share multiple events simultaneously
  • Saves events into your Calendar
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Teleprompt+ - for iPad

  • Professional teleprompter for the iPad with audio & video recording
  • Write your script directly in the app or copy/paste from any other iPad app
  • Timer display shows estimate, actual and remaining time
  • 100 scrolling speeds to choose from
  • External display support
  • Wireless remote control using a 2nd iOS device
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Instapaper - for iPhone & iPad

  • Save web pages for offline reading
  • Browse articles friends posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr
  • Read long emails on the app
  • Download up to 500 articles
  • Store unlimited articles on the Instapaper website
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Printer Pro - for iPad

  • Print photos, documents, email attachments, clipboard content and web pages
  • Works with many Wi-Fi printers
  • Works with any printer attached to your Mac or PC once the free Helper Application is installed
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Emergency Radio Free (Police Scanner) - for iPhone

  • Access to emergency radio feeds including police, fire, EMS, air traffic and more
  • Map view lets you find nearby feeds
  • Built-in scanner codes to understand what’s being said
  • 1,000s of feeds available from the US and other countries
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Life360 Family Locator - for iPhone

  • A tracking app that shows you where your family members are
  • Shows you what safety points and threats are nearby
  • Family members can see when others check-in
  • Communicate with group messages or start a VOIP conference call
  • Paid service lets you track family members who don’t have smartphones
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