18 Best Pet Lover Apps For iPhone & iPad

March 31, 2012

We handpicked these apps for pet owners which range from games you can play with your cat to potty training your dog to music specifically designed for your pet to relax to first aid . Check out this list and let us know what’s your favorite app on our Facebook page!

Friskies You vs. Cat - for iPad

You vs. Cat is a fun game where you can play against your cat on your iPad! Fling the flying pieces towards the goal. Kitty gets 10 points for blocking, you get 10 points if it goes through and each game goes up to 50 points. All points get added to the World-Wide Leaderboard. View on iTunes


App For Cats - for iPhone & iPad

App For Cats is a great game designed for cats. Little critters run across the screen while making a noise and speeding up. You can shake the device to get a different background and critter for your kitty to pounce. View on iTunes


Cat Doctor - for iPhone & iPad

Cat Doctor provides expert veterinary advice for the health of your cat. This app includes HD video from a vet with over 30 years experience and is organized into 19 critical topics with essential information. View on iTunes


Cats HD - for iPhone & iPad

Cats HD is a cat breed identification guide with a quiz game. You’ll get interesting facts and information about all official cat breeds along with over 300 pictures of cats and kittens. This app is great to help you search for the perfect cat for your home. View on iTunes


iKibble Free - for iPhone

iKibble helps you know which common foods are okay for your dog to eat. You can easily browse foods by category or health rating, as well as search for a specific food. This app provides thorough descriptions about each food, including general healthiness, how and when to feed your dog certain types of food and how to prepare some foods. View on iTunes


Dog Translator - for iPhone

Dog Translator is a fun way to translate what your dog is saying to English. This app works like Shazam where you hold your device near your dog as it barks and after the recording completes, you’ll see the translation. View on iTunes


iPottyTrain - for iPhone

iPottyTrain helps you housebreak your puppy, as well as schedule potty breaks for your adult dog. This app tracks your dog’s daily intake and potty routine so that you can successfully schedule your dog’s potty breaks. View on iTunes


Dog Whistler - for iPhone

Dog Whistler helps you train your dog or teach your dog new tricks. You can choose the desired frequency and sound pattern ranging from a tone to short beeps and more. You can also create your own frequencies. View on iTunes


Clicker Training - for iPhone

Clicker Training helps you train your pet and includes a section full of training tips. When your pet does something good, you click and give your pet a treat. Your pet will begin to learn that good behavior will lead to a click sound and a treat. The clicker can help you train many different kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, hamsters and more. View on iTunes


Dog Boogie - for iPhone

Dog Boogie is an app made by dog lovers for dog lovers. The app lets you share pics of your pet and even gives your pooch the chance to be featured on the “Top Dogs” list. You can also rate dog pictures uploaded by dog owners worldwide. The app includes information and history on 400 dog breeds. View on iTunes


PlentyOfFur - for iPhone

PlentyofFur is a social network and online community for pets. You can create a free profile for your pet and your pet can make new friends! You can share pet information, tips, pictures, videos, email and chat. View on iTunes


petcentric - for iPhone

Petcentric is a guide for finding pet-friendly places and information. You can find pet-friendly lodging, parks and beaches, restaurants, pet services, travel and events. You can also watch top pet videos chosen from the most popular pet videos on the web, view pet photos and read the latest pet news stories. View on iTunes


PetSnap - for iPhone

PetSnap is a tool for pet lovers to capture great photos of their pets. This app provides 32 different sounds and useful features that will attract your pet’s attention and help to take the perfect photo of your pet. You can also choose from 7 photo frames to make your photo stand out. View on iTunes


Pet Sitter - for iPhone & iPad

Pet Sitter helps keep your pet company when you’re away and it can also be used as a corrective or training tool. You can choose from a library of built-in sounds or you can record your own responses. You’ll also get an email notification if your pet continues through repeated levels of audio response. View on iTunes


Pet Acoustics - for iPhone

Pet Acoustics is music specially designed for your dog, cat or horse. This app will soothe your pet with music with special frequencies, volume and rhythms designed for the hearing sensitivities of your pet. This app is great for  separation anxiety, thunderstorm nervousness, car travel, vet visits, or training. View on iTunes


The Pet Pal - for iPhone

The Pet Pal helps you easily track profile details, favorites and dislikes of each of your pets. You can take new pictures directly from the app and schedule important or regular calendar events. You can create profiles for multiple pets and share it with friends or a care taker via email. View on iTunes


Pet First Aid - for iPhone

Pet First Aid provides detailed videos and illustrations for medical emergencies related to your dog or cat. The videos cover topics such as restraint, muzzling, CPR, bandaging and more. You can access all articles, videos and illustrations offline. You can also record your pet’s vital medical information such as vaccines, vet contact information, medications and more. View on iTunes


HumaneTV - for iPhone & iPad

HumanTV provides videos documenting the work of The Humane Society of The United States. You’ll see video stories produced by award-winning videographers depicting the HSUS’s commitment to celebrating animals and confronting cruelty. View on iTunes


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