16 Best Camera Apps for iPhone & iPad

March 11, 2012

We put together a list of camera apps that will make even the most inexperienced photographers look like pros without buying expensive camera equipment! Our list includes apps for taking panoramic photos, making video presentations out of your existing photos and other unique functions. Let us know which ones you like best on our Facebook page

Camera+ - for iPhone

Camera+ uses the iPhone’s camera and improves your device’s built-in software features. This app lets you set the focus and exposure points independently and includes an optional anti-vibration mode that makes sure the camera is held still before pictures are taken. Camera+ includes editing features such as rotating, cropping and picture quality boosts. You’ll also get advanced effects like Colour, Retro, Depth of Field and Miniaturize. View on iTunes


Pro HDR - for iPhone & iPad

Pro HDR lets you create full-resolution high dynamic range images. This app captures an image exposed for the highlights and another exposed for the shadows, then aligns and merges the images resulting in an HDR image up to 8 megapixels. Pro HDR features automatic mode which does the process for you and manual photo capture which lets you take each shot and choose the exposure for each image. View on iTunes


100 Cameras in 1 - for iPhone

100 Cameras in 1 lets you take a picture or create a unique photo from your photo library with 100 different effects and filters. You can share your photos Instagram, email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug and DropBox. As you create and share images, you’ll also build up points in Apple’s Gamecenter and unlock fun achievements. View on iTunes


ProCamera - for iPhone

ProCamera comes with a comprehensive collection of tools to improve the photos you take. This app includes anti-shake, 6x digital zoom and self-timer, as well as individually adjustable focus and exposure, burst mode and white balance lock. ProCamera provides 3 different editing modes and you can share by email, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. View on iTunes


Photosynth - for iPhone

Photosynth allows you to take panoramic photos without needing a different lens. This app has the ability to take pictures from side to side and above and below. Photosynth is very user friendly. It will automatically snap the next picture so you don’t have to keep pressing the button and gives you visual aids to line up your next shot and will then stitch the photos together resulting in your panoramic photo. View on iTunes


YouSpin PRO - for iPhone

YouSpin Pro lets you create 360 degrees views and 3D animations of anything in less than 25 seconds. You start the app and turn when it tells you to. When you’re done turning, you’ve created a smooth video that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, email or YouSpin. Once uploaded to YouSpin, you can embed the video on your website, eBay and other sharing sites. You can use this app for fun or business. View on iTunes


TouchRetouch - for iPhone

TouchRetouch helps you remove unwanted content or objects from your photos easily and quickly. Just mark the items you want taken out and hit Go. You won’t get distortions in the final image and the app includes smart image background recovery techniques. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and Flickr. View on iTunes


Snapseed - for iPhone & iPad

Snapseed can enhance and transform your photos into high-quality pics. You can easily adjust photos with one tap using Auto Correct or tweak your photo using Tune Image. Snapseed has several fun and innovative filters, as well as Selective Adjust which enhances specific objects or areas in your photo. View on iTunes


Photo Makeover - for iPhone & iPad

Photo Makeover is a photo editing app that can adjust facial expressions and change facial features. You can make adjustments ranging from subtle to a full, dramatic makeover. Photo Makeover lets you add a smile, open and widen eyes, adjust head proportion and width, and slim or fatten faces. View on iTunes


TiltShift - for iPhone & iPad

TiltShift simulates a tilt-shift lens which allows you to view a photo as a miniature scene. This app lets you apply the tilt shift effect to existing photos or take a new picture to apply the effect. You can select a radial or linear area in the image with visual guides and adjust the amount of blur for maximum effect. You can also increase color saturation, contrast and brightness to further enhance the image. View on iTunes


Juxtaposer - for iPhone

Juxtaposer takes any element from one picture so you can add it to another image and create fun photo montages. You’ll get unlimited undo actions and hard or soft brushes to create sharp or blurred edges. You can save image cutouts as “stamps” to use again and you can keep adding elements from other images to your composite image. Then share your fun images on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. View on iTunes


Diptic - for iPhone & iPad

Diptic lets you combine multiple photos and apply artistic effects to create unique photo collages. Use photos you take on the spot, photos from your camera roll or import photos from Facebook or Flickr. The app includes 52 customizeable layouts and you can try your luck with the random photo selector to create some wild photo collages. Share your creations via email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or Posterous. View on iTunes


Paper Camera - for iPhone & iPad

Paper Camera lets you take photos and adds cartoon and painting effects on your photos in real time.  Paper Camera’s effects include cartoon, sketch, comic book, halfone, noir, neon and many more. You can also import existing photos to give them the cartoon or painting effects too. View on iTunes


Animoto Video Slideshows - for iPhone

Animoto turns your photos into professional-quality videos with music and text. Just choose your photos, select music from the apps’ music library, and choose the video style. Animoto will create a video slideshow you can save and share on Facebook, Twitter, or email. In-app purchase lets you upgrade to unlimited full length videos. View on iTunes


FolioBook Photo Portfolio - for iPad

Foliobook is for anyone who wants to present their photos and visual artwork in a professional way with a branded appearance. You can add up to 100 pictures to each gallery and you’ll have a customizeable home page which can have a background image or a movie as wallpaper, as well as a logo graphic overlay. Image viewing is done through the gallery viewer which includes 3 muted transitions: dissolve, wipe, and the custom Foliobook transition. Single or multiple images can be emailed directly to anyone. View on iTunes


Photo-365 - for iPhone & iPad

Photo-365 allows you to save photos by the day and view it by the month so you can remember the year through photos. You can share your individual photos or a snapshot of the whole month on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or by email. View on iTunes


Image Credit: georgenell

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