15 Best Car-Related Apps for iPhone & iPad

February 26, 2012

silver carThese apps will help you with everything car-related from buying a car to collecting the necessary information in an accident, and some may even help you save money! Check out our list and let us know which apps you liked best on our Facebook page

KBB.com - for iPhone

When you’re in the market to buy or sell your car, the trusted place for values and information on every car model is the Kelley Blue Book. This app will tell you how much your car is worth, or you can research the new or used car price for your next car. This app provides consumer reviews, KBB expert reviews, as well as detailed maps and directions to local dealerships. View on iTunes


CarZen - for iPad

CarZen features over 2 million new and used cars for sale from over 18,000 dealerships. This app provides reviews from dealers, consumers and automotive journalists, as well as video test drives. CarZen also includes CarFax highlights when available and high-resolution full screen photo gallery of every new car. View on iTunes


Car Minder Plus - for iPhone

Once you have your car, maintenance is of utmost importance and Car Minder helps you manage all your car maintenance needs. The app can manage multiple services for multiple cars,  including logging repairs, tracking fuel economy, and maintenance reminders. This app also works well with motorcycles. View on iTunes


RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert - for iPhone

When it is time for a repair, RepairPal helps you whether it’s an auto emergency or a small problem. The app provides accurate and unbiased repair estimates, finds you a recommended local mechanic, and tracks your repairs. RepairPal’s roadside assistance covers you anywhere in the US and doesn’t require an annual membership fee, you only pay when you use it. View on iTunes


GasBuddy - for iPhone

With today’s economy finding the cheapest gas is priority and GasBuddy helps you do that. This app helps you locate the nearest and cheapest gas prices by fuel grade. You can also earn points toward prize give-away entries for reporting gas prices. GasBuddy gives away a $250 gas gift card every week. View on iTunes


Car Care - for iPhone

Car Care lets you track fuel economy for all your vehicles, as well as provide maintenance reminders. You’ll get detailed statistics on your vehicle’s fuel economy, including a breakdown of how different fuel types perform in your vehicle. View on iTunes


AccuFuel - for iPhone

AccuFuel monitors your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and you’ll instantly see how your driving habits affect it. You can track multiple vehicles and see efficiency charts with easy-to-read fill-up histories. View on iTunes


Honk - for iPhone & iPad

The Honk app helps you find your way back to your car with notes, photos and automatic GPS functions. The app helps you keep track of remaining time on your parking meter with a display on your home screen for easy visual access and can even sync alarm/GPS between your iPhone and iPad. The Honk app also locates nearby ATMs, cafes, parking garages and gas stations. View on iTunes


Find My Car Smarter - for iPhone

Find My Car Smarter helps you find your car without having to turn on the app until you need to find your car. You don’t need to take notes or depend on the GPS function to find your car. This app uses a new technology which requires a separate purchase of a $25 Bluetooth Smart Device found at findmycarsmarter.com and an iPhone 4S. View on iTunes


MotionX GPS Drive - for iPhone

MotionX GPS Drive is a car and pedestrian navigation solution with maps that are always live and up-to-date. MotionX offers turn-by-turn directions with HD synthesized voice for high quality spoken street names, live traffic flow maps, multi-stop routing, local search and Wikipedia integration. You can also listen to your iPod music and place a phone call without leaving the app. MotionX includes 30 days of real-time navigation and live voice guidance then you can continue the service through an in-app purchase of 30 day or 1 year packages. View on iTunes


Roadside America - for iPhone

Roadside America is a great app to show you all the sights and wonders, including quirky and odd sights to see as you travel through the US. You can search by attraction or browse by city and state, view photo galleries and get maps, directions, hours and phone numbers of attractions. The download includes 1 of 7 US or Canada regions. In-app purchases are $5.99 for all regions or $1.99 per individual region. View on iTunes


Text'nDrive Pro - for iPhone

Reading and replying to emails while driving is extremely dangerous so download Text’nDrive to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. This app reads your emails out loud and lets you speak your reply and convert it to text with text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology. The app is compatible with Gmail, Me, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and most mail provides. The app also works with speakerphones, Bluetooth headsets or built-in car systems. View on iTunes


iWrecked - for iPhone

When that dreaded accident happens, iWrecked is your auto accident assistant. This app lets you log in all the details, take unlimited photos of the damage and accident scene and generate a detailed PDF report with images that you can send to your insurance company. This app also helps you find taxi or towing companies, call 911 with one touch and provides call buttons to make direct calls to stored numbers. View on iTunes


Speedometer Speed Box - for iPhone & iPad

Speedometer Speed Box is a speedometer and GPS app for your iPhone and iPad. You’ll get 9 analog and digital speedometers, maximum and average speed, altitude, digital compass, odometer to measure distance traveled, warning signal when you’re driving too fast, and much more. View on iTunes


MileBug - for iPhone

MileBug makes it easy to track your tax-deductible mileage for businesses, charities or for personal medical reasons. This app is designed to be IRS compliant and lets you track mileage for multiple businesses and charities, as well as expenses. Reports can be emailed in HTML and Excel CSV. View on iTunes


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