11 Useful Finance Apps for iPhone & iPad

February 21, 2012

Here are some of the most useful finance apps we found to help you with everything from investing in the stock market to saving time and money at the grocery store. Let us know what finance apps you like to use on our Facebook page

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager - for iPhone

Wikinvest lets you track all of your investments accounts by importing your brokerage holdings into one place. You can import holdings from over 60 major brokerages while offering a secure connection. You can also stay current with the markets with real-time quotes and news. View on iTunes


Gekko - for iPhone & iPad

Gekko lets you stay up-to-date with market news from mulitple sources in one clean interface. You can choose the sources you want and control the kind of information you read. Gekko is also optimized for browsing by blocking popups and having a cache system that loads pages faster. View on iTunes


Economy - for iPad

Economy for iPad gives you a snapshot of the US economy as well as for individual states. The app provides key economic indicators soon after the government numbers are published and tracks the history of these indicators over the past few months and years. Key indicators include GDP, Employment, Housing, Manufacturing, Inflation and Trade Deficit. View on iTunes


MarketDash - for iPad

Yahoo’s Market Dash gives you access to your investment portfolios, watch lists, stock performance comparisons and breaking coverage of top market news. View on iTunes


CNBC Real-Time - for iPhone

The CNBC app delivers live, streaming real-time quotes before, during and after market hours. The app offers custom timeframes from 1 day to 5 years with pre and post market trading. You’ll also get exclusive breaking news from CNBC and you can create your own watch lists. View on iTunes


iTrade - Stock Market Simulator - for iPhone

iTrade lets you learn how to investment in the stock market through a realistic stock trading simulator based on NerdTrade.com. The app lets you manage a $100,000 virtual stock portfolio and trade with near real-time quotes. You can also compete and interact with other members. View on iTunes


Mint.com - for iPhone & iPad

Mint.com lets you track, budget and manage your money in one easy interface. When you open an account with Mint.com, you can connect you bank account, credit cards, loans and retirement accounts to automatically pull and categorize all your transactions. With the easy-to-read graphs, you’ll get a clear picture of where you money is going and be able to create the right budget for you. View on iTunes


Pageonce – Money & Bills - for iPhone & iPad

Pageonce automatically tracks your bills and you can also pay your bills through the app with a Gold subscription.  You can get due date reminders, view bill statements, as well as keep track of your frequent flyer miles and mobile minutes usage. View on iTunes


Venmo - for iPhone

Venmo is a service that lets friends easily pay each other back for expenses. When you link  a credit card or a bank account to the app, you can immediately pay and receive money from any contact in your address book. Venmo works with all major banks, does not charge transaction fees and it’s free to set up your account. View on iTunes


iSlick - for iPhone & iPad

iSlick helps you find the most recent online sales, bargains and discounts with real-time notifications. You can also share the deals with friends, vote for the best deals, and browse through latest top-voted deals. View on iTunes


Grocery Gadget - Shopping List - for iPhone & iPad

Grocery Gadget is shopping system that helps you organize shopping lists, recipes and provides eCoupons to match your items. You can  take pictures of products so you don’t purchase the wrong item, as well as scan barcodes to add items to your list. The app also learns the order in which you check items off your list to save you time on your next trip. View on iTunes


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