10 Educational Apps for iPhone & iPad

February 9, 2012

We’ve handpicked some of the most interesting educational apps for that autodidact in you. These apps will teach you a multitude of topics ranging from business to the elements. Check out our list and let us know what you plan on learning on our Facebook page!

TED - for iPhone & iPad

TED’s official app offers video lectures from some of the world’s most fascinating people. The app offers a library of over 900 TEDTalk videos covering technology, entertainment, design, business, science and global issues. You can also bookmark or download the videos for playback anytime. View on iTunes


FORA.tv - for iPhone

FORA.tv offers the world’s largest collection of unmediated video from top conferences, universities, and public forums. Topics covered include economics, environment, politics, technology, science and culture and new videos are added daily. View on iTunes


iTunes U - for iPhone & iPad

iTunes U provides access to complete courses and collections in a wide variety of subjects from leading universities and schools in 26 countries. The app offers over 500,000 free lectures, videos, books and other resources. View on iTunes


Khan Academy- for iPhone

Khan Academy offers over 2,500 videos covering topics from high school math and science to banking and venture capital. This is not the official app for Khan Academy so there is no credit awarded but the app is a great way to watch the videos and learn on your own. The app also lets you see how others rated a lecture to help you choose the most helpful videos. View on iTunes


MIT OpenCourseWare LectureHall - for iPhone

The LectureHall app provides access to MIT OpenCourseWare video lectures which are web-based publications of nearly all MIT course content. These courses do not grant degrees or certificates but it is a great way to view lectures anytime, anywhere. View on iTunes


The World Factbook - for iPad

This iPad app offers the complete CIA World Factbook which includes extensive information on over 250 countries and locations worldwide. You’ll have access to color and location maps, flags with full description, information on the governments and economies of each country and much more. The app also works offline. View on iTunes


The Elements: A Visual Exploration - for iPad

The Elements iPad app lets you experience the beauty of the building blocks of our universe with a living periodic table where every element is shown with a rotating sample and corresponding facts and figures. You’ll also see carefully photographed objects representing the element where you can touch the object and spin them around. Some pages also include live video clips of experiments showing the element’s properties. View on iTunes


How To Videos from Howcast.com - for iPhone

Howcast offers how-to videos where you can learn how to do just about anything from cooking a recipe to repairing your car. You can also shake your iPhone to get a surprise video from Howcast’s favorites. View on iTunes


Inkling - for iPad

Inkling turns paper-based textbooks into engaging learning experiences by offering integrated interactive media, such as videos and 3-D objects, in every textbook title. You can also take interactive quizzes to help you gauge your level of understanding. Textbook subjects range from architecture and design to sociology. You can also purchase the complete textbook or by chapter. View on iTunes


iBooks - for iPhone & iPad

The latest version of iBooks introduced multi-touch textbooks for the iPad. You’ll see interactive captions, watch videos in full screen and even use your finger as a highlighter. The app currently offers textbooks on algebra, biology, chemistry, geometry and physics from McGraw-Hill and Pearson. View on iTunes



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