10 Augmented Reality Apps to Enhance Your View of the World for iPhone & iPad

January 20, 2012

wikitudeAugmented reality enhances the real world environment with digital information. When you view your surroundings through your camera, you’ll see anything from restaurant locations and reviews to aliens invading your city. Let us know on our Facebook page what your experience is like!

Spyglass - for iPhone & iPad

Spyglass is a powerful toolkit for the outdoors. The app features a hi-tech viewfinder, gyrocompass, maps, GPS tracker, speedometer, 5x zoom sniper scope and camera and much more. You can also tag, share, find and track your position in real-time. View on iTunes


Robotvision - for iPhone

Robotvision helps you explore the world around you by using accelerometer and compass technology. You can search for nearby locations, restaurants, and points of interest by using the power of Bing local search. View on iTunes


Cyclopedia - for iPhone

Cyclopedia overlays Wikipedia information over the viewfinder using your iPhone camera, compass and GPS. When you move your iPhone around you’ll see Wikipedia articles pop up in the direction you are pointing. View on iTunes


Star Chart - for iPhone & iPad

Star Chart lets you point your iPhone or iPad at the sky and the app will show you what stars you are looking at. You’ll get information on every star and planet visible from Earth in our solar system even in daylight. View on iTunes


Golfscape GPS Rangefinder - for iPhone

Golfscape finds your position on the golf course which allows you to identify potential hazards and gives you the distance as your hold your camera to view the target. You can also choose your landing area and see a 360 degree view of it while you’re on the course. The app covers over 37,000 golf courses with no subscription or annual fee. View on iTunes


SnapShop Showroom - for iPhone

SnapShop uses augmented reality to help you visualize what a piece of furniture would like in your home. First, pick of piece of furniture from the catalog, then the app will overlay the image on your view finder, then point your camera to the place where want to see the furniture. You can save the photo or email it friends for opinions then tap the shopping cart to visit the retailer’s site. View on iTunes


Augmented Car Finder - for iPhone

Augmented Car Finder helps you find where you parked your car. After you’ve parked, tap the “Car Finder” button and choose the GPS accuracy. This saves your car’s position and you can close the app. When you need to find your car, launch the app and follow the arrow and the indications through the viewfinder. View on iTunes


SpotCrime - for iPhone

SpotCrime lets you see what criminal incidents have occurred where you are. Point your camera at the area around you and you’ll see an overlay of recent criminal incidents based on multiple news sources including state and local police departments. SpotCrime also features a “Safety and Security” scoring system along with an “accuracy” score to tell you if an area is safe and how accurate the data is for that area. View on iTunes


ARBasketball - for iPhone

ARBasketball lets you play basketball with a small piece of paper. First, print out the required marker from the website then point your camera at the marker. You’ll see the hoop and just throw the ball using the swipe gesture. View on iTunes


AR Invaders - for iPhone

AR Invaders turns your real-world surroundings into a war zone with invading aliens.  You can play standing up with the 360 mode or sit down with the 180 mode. You can also build an army with your friends in multiplayer mode. View on iTunes


Image Credit: szlagor

  • Willy

    Try Viseo for play video in augmented reality, more information at viseo-app.com

  • Dobes

    Gaming with Augmented Reality been a relatively unexplored territory, and at the moment, most of it is limited to interacting with virtual items on your mobile device. We came up with a game that lets you interact with virtual objects with your fingers. SoccAR is a simple game that’s based on the popular sport, soccer. You need to print out a playing field which you position the phone/tablet’s camera over, and on the display you’ll be able to see a virtual ball on screen. You then move your fingers around the field, trying to manipulate the ball and score goals.The game works for two or more players.See it in action here:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P7UNjl6dl8You can download it here:http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/soccar/id504178476?mt=8

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