10 Apps To Help Improve Your Memory for iPhone & iPad

January 15, 2012

glowing brainMemory is something that you can train and improve with continuous exercise and we hand-picked 10 apps that will help you improve your memory and stay sharp. If you know of a great app that helps you boost your brain power, let us know on our Facebook page


Brain Trainer - for iPhone

With Brain Trainer, you get 10 brain games that are designed to enhance your cognitive abilities such as memory, processing speed, attention, flexibility and problem solving. By playing the games a few minutes a day, you will achieve the best results. View on iTunes


Vismory - Visual Memory - for iPhone & iPad

This is a game where you memorize the shape, color, and position of small 3D objects and then answer challenges. By touching the correct case of the object, you’ll progress toward the next level. The faster you answer, the higher your score will be. View on iTunes


CameraEye - for iPhone

This game challenges your brain to memorize new things by improving your photographic memory and increases your reading speed. The game includes 26 different letters and 10 different numbers to memorize and each level gets progressively harder. View on iTunes


Memory Mice IQ Brain Teaser - for iPhone

This app tests your ability to memorize number and letter sequences. Focus on the letters and numbers to pop the memory mice in the right order.  The app has 24 levels which only 1% of the population have a sufficient IQ to complete all 24. View on iTunes


iCue Memory - for iPhone

iCue Memory is officially endorsed by the USA Memory Championship and includes 3 games. Scoring is based on memorization time, number of items memorized, recall time and accuracy. You can also compete against others for the highest scores in the Global Memory Rankings. View on iTunes


Improve Your Memory - for iPhone

This app will exercise your short term memory by testing you with picture sequences. With constant repetition, this app will help you improve your long term memory. View on iTunes


Portrait Health Brain Teasers- for iPhone

Portrait Health Brain Teasers tests 5 areas including word skills, critical thinking, memory, visual perception and coordination. You’ll also get regular updates with new brain teasers to continually train your brain. View on iTunes


Memory Boost- for iPhone & iPad

This app provides how-to-videos with the latest memory improvement techniques. You get 8 lessons and videos with techniques such as the “Alphabet System”, the “Roman Room” and the “Major System”. View on iTunes


Memory Pro for iPad - Free! - for iPad

Memory Pro is a memory improvement game that tests you by matching animations and animal cards. This app helps you improve your short-term and sensory memory skills. View on iTunes


Improve Your Memory Now by Gary Small - for iPhone & iPad

Dr. Gary Small offers an immersive audio training course designed to boost your memory power from the first use. This app provides nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, a self-assessment exercise, mental aerobics, the Look, Snap and Connect technique, a guided relaxation session to reduce stress and much more. View on iTunes


Image Credit: moonlightbulb

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