10 Apps To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions for iPhone & iPad

January 1, 2012

new year 2012Happy 2012! Here is a list of the most popular resolutions (in no particular order) and our iPhone and iPad app picks to help you stay true to those goals. Make sure to tell us what your 2012 resolutions are on our Facebook page!



Meetup - for iPhone

Resolution: Expand your social circle
Meetup is a great way to meet new people, learn something new or try out a new activity in your local area. Meetup.com helps you find local groups with a wide array of interests, from hiking to learning a language to political action and much more. View on iTunes


Boot Camp Challenge - for iPhone

Resolution: Start an exercise plan
Boot Camp Challenge features veteran U.S. Army Trainer and Certified Personal Trainer Lori Patterson and guides you through a progressive 18-day program that will get you results quickly, safely, and effectively. Each day combines cardio, stretching and muscular endurance training into one workout and every one of the 200+ exercises include video during your workout, so that you can double-check your form. View on iTunes


Smoke Out - for iPhone

Resolution: Quit smoking
Smoke Out provides helps you keep track of how long it’s been since you quit, calculates approximate life and money saved by not smoking and lets you post your accomplishments on Twitter. View on iTunes


Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson - for iPhone & iPad

Resolution: Quit drinking
Stop Drinking is designed to help you relax and overcome the emotional and physical cravings for alcohol. The app uses the power of relaxation, hypnotherapy, positive suggestions and visualization. View on iTunes

Skim That

Resolution: Stay abreast of current events
Though SkimThat.com is not an app, it’s a great way to stay up-to-date on news stories with short “get to the point” style summaries. With the free daily email service, staying informed about current news couldn’t be easier. Skim That is another project of ours, so check it out now and let us know what you think!

Mint.com - for iPhone & iPad

Resolution: Manage your finances better
Mint.com helps your track, budget and manage your money in one place. You can add your bank, credit, loan and retirement accounts and Mint will automatically pull the data, categorize your transactions and let you know how much you have left in your budget. View on iTunes


Remember The Milk - for iPhone & iPad

Resolution: Be more organized
Remember The Milk is a to-do list that lets you organize your tasks with priorities, due dates, time estimates, and more. You can see tasks nearby and plan the best way to get things done and get reminders via email, SMS and instant messenger. View on iTunes


Green Genie - for iPhone

Resolution: Go green
Green Genie provides basic tips on how to have a sustainable lifestyle. The app has over 100 green projects and tips with environmental benefits and potential financial savings for each one. All projects are sorted to make it easy to find the ones that fit your lifestyle and budget. View on iTunes


vinspired - for iPhone

Resolution: Help others
Vinspired helps you find and apply for thousands of volunteering opportunities based on your location. You can also record your volunteering experience by uploading photos, hours and evidence to your Vinspired profile to share with friends. View on iTunes


TripAdvisor - for iPhone & iPad

Resolution: Plan a vacation
TripAdvisor helps you plan the perfect trip with access to real traveler reviews, opinions, photos, maps, and forums that can answer even the most specific questions when you’re on the go. You can book flights, hotels, find restaurants and things to do in the area you plan on visiting, all from one app. View on iTunes


43Things.com - for iPhone

Resolution: Make goals and keep them
43Things.com lets you add up to 43 short-term goals and helps you track your progress for each goals. You can also post entries and photos at each step of the way to stay motivated. View on iTunes


Image Credit: Suus Wansink



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