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Here’s 20 new and noteworthy apps that do everything from enhancing your photos with stylish text to providing the latest NFL scores to making sure you move for 30 minutes daily. Check these out for yourself!

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yappler-new apps 09-02For this list, we’re bringing you new and noteworthy apps from different categories. Whether it’s organizing all your wedding pictures to getting the most accurate details for your commute, each of these apps have great new features you’ll want to check out. [click to continue…]

new and noteworthy apps 2This month’s list includes the newest and most noteworthy apps from several categories. From getting the latest news to photo editing to finding your dream rental, each of these apps can help make your mobile life easier.  [click to continue…]

There are so many apps for parents out there that we decided to put together a list of the ones that we found to be the most useful. Whether you have a newborn, toddler, or school-age child, these apps will make parenting life a little easier.  [click to continue…]

Our latest list includes the newest and most noteworthy apps from every category. These apps do everything from notifying you when your friends are close-by to helping you track your expenses to reading the news out loud to you. Let us know which apps you plan on trying in the comments section.  [click to continue…]

For all you fashionistas out there, we’ve put together a list of apps that let you know what’s hot in the fashion world. From organizing outfits you own to browsing through style inspirations to getting exclusive discounts, these apps will keep you on top of the latest trends and styles.  [click to continue…]

We’ve compiled a list of the best podcast players that make listening to your favorite episodes and discovering new shows easy and convenient. From managing your current subscriptions to downloading multiple episodes to getting push notifications when a new episode is released, these apps are designed to fully enhance your listening experience! [click to continue…]

Ever feel like you could be getting more out of your iPhone or iPad but don’t know how? Well, our latest list includes apps that are jam packed with tips to show you hidden functions, shortcuts, battery saving secrets and more. Use these apps and you’ll become an iOS device expert in no time.  [click to continue…]

Shopping anytime can be a lot of work but we all know holiday shopping can be especially hectic. We picked out the most useful shopping apps that will help you get organized, efficient and savvy. From having interactive maps of the mall to organize your holiday gift list to getting in-store coupons, these apps will help you save time, money and energy any time of the year.  [click to continue…]

Do you find yourself typing out your entire email address as you log in to different sites or fill out forms? Well, we’ve got a super handy shortcut that will save you the time and trouble of typing your whole email address. [click to continue…]

Thanksgiving is coming and we’ve got the best apps to help you have a stress-free holiday. From planning your Thanksgiving meal to tracking the flights of incoming family members to scouting the best Black Friday shopping deals, we’ve got the apps you need to have the best Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones.  [click to continue…]

For all you health-conscious cooks out there, our latest app list will help you keep your diet on track with a variety of healthy recipe ideas. From time-saving tips to ingredient substitutions to customized allergy-free recipes, we’ve got the best cooking apps that will keep you eating healthy.
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Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve picked out the scariest, funniest and most interesting Halloween apps for you. From helping you decide on a costume to pulling scary pranks on friends to finding the best haunts, we’ve got you covered this Halloween! [click to continue…]

If you want more than what Apple’s Maps app has to offer, then check out our list of the best mapping and navigation apps to get you from A to B. Here you’ll find everything from free online map apps to full-featured GPS navigational apps to offline maps. Let us know which you like best on our comments section.  [click to continue…]

We all love watching videos but filtering out what we really want to see can take up all our time. The apps we found will help you find and watch everything from live events to obscure TV shows to videos made by your Facebook friends. Let us know which apps you downloaded in our comments section.   [click to continue…]

Celebrity gossip is one of our favorite guilty pleasures so we put together the ultimate app list to keep you in-the-know of the latest celeb news and pop culture happenings. From watching the latest viral videos to the top 10 must-read books to getting late-breaking celeb updates, these apps cover it all. Let us know what your favorite apps are in the comment section. [click to continue…]

No need for a bulky video camera when you’ve got your handy dandy iPhone! Make awesome videos with any of these handpicked apps. From shooting vintage-looking video to creating movie trailers to recording a few seconds before you actually hit the start button, you’ll have tons of fun creating endless videos. Let us know which apps you like best in the comments section. [click to continue…]

If you’ve just bought an iPhone or iPad, or just want to make sure you’ve got the apps you need, then here’s our list of must-have apps that will help you make the most of your device. From reading the news to beautifying your pictures to finding the best restaurants, we’ve picked out the top apps for you. [click to continue…]

First aid and survival apps are some of the most important to have on your phone or iPad because you may not always know what to do in case of an emergency. We’ve picked out the best emergency apps covering everything from first aid to wilderness survival to disaster alerts. Let us know which apps you like best in our comments section.  [click to continue…]

Have you ever wanted to send more than one photo to someone in an email? Well we’ve got a handy tip to show you how to easily attach multiple photos to your email message. [click to continue…]